I'm actually one of those people who also refused to believe that he was dead... and will probably always have a bit of me who still believes he's alive.... But unlike other people, I do like that he still lives, even if it's as a hologram; obviously people are making money out of him which is why a lot of people areā€¦ » 6/01/14 9:10pm 6/01/14 9:10pm

yea i think the leds where from walmart as well, but I think it would be good pointing out that although he bought the first items else where... I'm pretty sure he could have gotten them in Walmart as well, so he might have gotten all of the items at Walmart for other prototypes. » 5/25/14 4:13pm 5/25/14 4:13pm

I know that there are webpages/ apps that do this kind of stuff... the only difference is that you end up with a smaller resolution image... they probably used the same algorithim but kept the same (size/resolution/etc...) of each individual image making it possible to zoom into each individual one » 5/22/14 9:27pm 5/22/14 9:27pm